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  • mrs

    i am a regular user of this product and i would recommend it to everyone very relaxing and very soothing
  • Mrs

    I bought these products on behalf of my mother-in-law Marion Burr who passed away in January this year.

What is Moor?

The secret ingredient in all the Moor Natural Selection™ range is the moor water. The Moor is natural; it is a living substance full of the natural elements made by Mother Nature. The moor water is taken from the top layer of the only therapeutic lowland moors in the world which are found in Europe. ‘It is not an inert substance, it is life itself.' It is from this rich natural resource that we produce our comprehensive range of professional spa products for body and facial treatments for salons and in the home.

What is Moor?



The secret ingredient in all the Moor Natural SelectionTM Range is the moor water. 

People may look these days to modern medicine.  However, the Moor is natural, it is a living substance full of the natural elements made by Mother Nature. The moor water is taken from the top layer of the therapeutic lowland moors of Europe and ‘is not an inert substance, it is life itself’. 

All the qualities enriched in these moors have been preserved over the last 20,000 years and therefore it offers a unique combination of natural ingredients blended through time to produce this gift of nature. 

These Healing Moors are the result of interacting chemicals, biological and bio chemical changes which are reliant upon flora and fauna being present, including a favourable climatic and geological environment.  The other important pre-requisite for a medicinal moor is that it must have evolved from hundreds of herbal species and plants in their entirety i.e. Roots, stalks, blooms, fruits, seeds tubers and leaves.  Over one thousand different herbs, plants, grasses and flowers can be found on the pelloid moors.  Due to the process of decomposing over thousands of years the mud and waters contain a wealth of vitamins, minerals trace and micro-elements, hormones, enzymes, antibiotic agents, including other phyto-nutrients. 

Due to their geographical locations, these moors have never dried out, so all of their therapeutic properties have remained intact.  Once the moor dries out it loses organically soluble substances contained therein, even a subsequent water additive does not help recover these substances so it is paramount that the healing waters are taken only from these very special moors. 

These pelloids have a smaller molecular size than our skin so the benefits of the moor are able to penetrate the skin and give rise to biochemical reactions within the body, which then in a kind of ping pong effect are mobilizing our own body’s compounds in to a further interaction. 

Moor is replenishing and enhances our own vital force of energy.  Kirlian electro-photography shows that the moor has an aliveness and dynamic quality that suggests that this is indeed a vital substance.

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