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    I bought these products on behalf of my mother-in-law Marion Burr who passed away in January this year.

4 Ways to improve your eating habits right now!

Just four quick tips to help us a little bit with our nutrition and diet.

4 Ways to improve your eating habits right now!

Keep that water handy.
Let's get this straight. Water is the only liquid you need to be drinking. Coffee, soft drinks, chocolate milk. These are luxuries. If you can stop drinking these products, the health benefits will be immediately noticeable. Imagine your body’s gratitude without all that sugar from fizzy drinks, or how much easier those mornings at work will be without needing fourteen cups of coffee to get you through the day. Water is so important for survival, as you will hopefully already know, and highly underappreciated. It keeps you hydrated, leading to clearer skin and better circulation of blood and nutrients around the body. It will also satiate feelings of hunger on those days when lunch couldn’t come soon enough. It's refreshing on those warmer days, lowering your body temperature, and even better yet, it’s FREE. So, keep a bottle on your desk; you have no excuse.drinking water

Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables.
Quick have a look through your refrigerator right now. How much of it is bright green and leafy? Or plump and red? Crunchy and fresh? If you are struggling to find anything, then you need to fix this. Vegetables are dense with nutrients and vitamins without also being filled with calories, with some like celery, having negative calories! Meaning your body uses more calories in the process of eating and digestion than the food provides you with! This quality of many vegetables is so important in the role of weight management. You can eat an entire stomach-full of veggies, while only receiving a fraction of the calories a stomach-full of meat would provide, or even worse, a stomach-full of sugary sweets.

No more crisps and biscuits.
Eating snacks between meals is an addiction, pure and simple. It may be delicious and easy, but your body does not need that bag of potato crisps just two hours after you had lunch, or that packet of biscuits while watching TV. These are unnecessary, and cutting them out of your life will do tremendous favours to your body and bank account. If you are still hungry after lunch or dinner, then you need to increase the amount of food you consume during those times, preferably by eating vegetables. Stick to an eating schedule and don’t stray outside it. Give your body a chance to feel hungry again. This is completely natural and will not hurt you. Your next meal is only a couple of hours away, and you can

Eat the right amount of food.
The psychology behind this is simple: the bigger the plate, the more food you will put on it, and the more you will end up eating. Therefore, using smaller plates will result in eating less food! Have fun with this step by destroying those comically large bowls that you received from your mother-in-law. Invest in some more modest sized plates, and watch those portion sizes. While we are on this subject, only prepare enough food to feed you, without creating any leftovers. We are all guilty from hearing those leftover slices of pizza calling to us at 3 am. Cut out that problem completely. You will also save even more money by not letting any food go to waste!

We all know it can be difficult to do the right thing all the time when it comes to healthy eating.  Food supplements can help maintain a healthy balance.  Enjoy 20% off the Earth Essence, Earth Essence with Collagen and the Bouquet until 15th June ’17.