About us

Our company is passionate and dedicated to providing a greater awareness and availability of the best quality products together with expert advice for our customers on all aspects of health and beauty.

Due to increasingly hectic lifestyles, it is more important than ever to ensure that we look after ourselves. Therefore Moor Body Care feels it is essential that all our existing and future products contain the highest quality ingredients and we ensure they are properly researched for their purity and effectiveness.

We compliment our products with providing advice from experienced professionals who are all part of the Moor Body Care team and do not come from an outside source. This knowledge and experience allows us to deliver a broader spectrum of applications with our products.

Moor Products

Most cosmetics use distilled or treated mains water but this is not the case with the Moor range. All products are dermatologically tested and made to the gentlest formula possible. This is done under the strictest laboratory conditions with stability testing and rigorously adhering to the good manufacturing process. Moor is widely regarded within the beauty industry as a brand that produces holistic facial and body care products that work. A recent independent survey backed up these claims with staggering results. Over 200 members of the public were interviewed and 80% agreed that Moor products were amongst the best they had used. None of the Moor products have been tested on animals.

Enjoy and benefit from our products and advice and remember to keep watching our site as we will be introducing many new excellent complimentary products and ideas. These products will be of the highest quality, in keeping with the standard we have set. Please let us know what you would like to see as your ideas are important to us for future developments.