Dry Skin Pack

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Dry Skin Pack

Suitable for people with dry skin, this pack contains:

- Enriching Cleanser 50 ml bottle

Moor Spa Enriching Cleanser contains Moor water and is enriched with vitamin E and nourishing oils that leave the skin clean and nourished. Moor Spa Enriching Cleanser is easy to apply.

- Refreshing Toning Lotion 50 ml bottle

Moor Spa Refreshing Toner contains herbal Moor water, lavender and bergamot oil, which work together to enhance skin tone and texture.

- Nourishing Moisturiser 15 ml pot

Moor Spa Nourishing Moisturiser is a highly nourishing formula that contains therapeutic herbal Moor water as well as other ingredients to feed and moisturise the skin, helping to reduce the visible signs of ageing.

- Refining Facial Mask 50 ml pot

100% natural! Moor Spa Refining Facial Mask contains purely the natural herbal Moor and Moor Water from the peloid moors of European Moorlands. Leaving the skin feeling clean and hydrated.