Founder Dee

Dee’s Story – Founder of Moor Spa.



I have always been interested in skincare products. Having very sensitive skin I have to be very careful what I use as well as what I eat. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, it reacts to everything and is nature’s way of telling you if something is wrong.

Imagine my delight on trying the Moor products in 1982 and finding that my skin didn’t react, nothing stung, or caused a reaction. In fact my skin glowed. I was able to use everything from the Herbal Baths, Herbal Drink (Bouquet) and all the skin care products in the range and even now that we have brought out new cleansers and moisturisers, my skin loves them. I am so sure that it is because of the Moor Water which makes them so safe and gentle to use. I know I will never trust my skin with any other products.


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