Boosting Repair Moisturiser

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Boosting Repair Moisturiser

What is a Booster

A booster is a very unique product. It is designed to enhance the benefits of your normal morning and evening skin care regime. Not only do they all contain the Moor Water, but they have had extremely specialized ingredients added which work with the Moor and your skin to achieve the most radiant, healthy and revitalized look possible. It is common knowledge that the skin reflects the state of the body’s health and the first to show signs of imbalance and the first to meet the pollution that we now all have to contend with. With this in mind these extra ingredients have been thoroughly researched using the latest advances in ingredient technology. Each booster has a very specialized action. They should be used very sparingly and applied locally to problem areas of the skin or just used for extra special care and attention, as a real treat for the skin. They should be used as extra products once or twice a week due to their extremely deep penetrating action.

Boosting Repair Moisturiser

A must have for all skin types. This contains not only the Herbal Moor Water but also it is enriched with Native Essence, which is extracted from Marine Fennel, Caprylic Capric triglyceride, and Crithmum Maritimum. Rich in Co-enzyme Q10 that helps to detoxify and regulate epidermic metabolism and also restores the hydrolipidic barrier. Along with this it behaves like a differentiation and cellular proliferation regulator, which revitalizes the skin and enhances the skins radiance. It regulates collagen synthesis helping to maintain a more youthful skin condition. The Native Essence also contains ceramides, which act primarily in the uppermost skin layer affecting the intercellular spaces of the corneum layer where they form a protective barrier and reduce the natural water loss from the skin. Ceramides are known to help repair the corneum layer therefore improving the skins natural hydration ability and increasing the feeling of softness. This Boosting Repair Moisturiser also has the benefit of Vitamin E, Tocopheryl Acetate, which is a potent antioxidant. It also is a great moisturiser and can help reduce the visible signs of aging with its soothing anti-inflammatory properties, while also promoting better enzyme activity. To add to all of this it also contains Jojoba, Buxus Chinensis, which is also an excellent moisturiser providing smoothness and softness to the skin by its rapid penetration ability by means of absorption through the skin, and its ability to reduce water loss without blocking the pores. Another plus is that it also contains the soothing properties of Wheat Germ Oil, Triticum vulgare, which is perceived by some as the oldest and most trusted oils with the highest content of Vitamin E of any of the natural oils. Again this is an antioxidant and free-radical scavenger and can help protect the cellular membrane from free-radical damage. As a moisturiser the skin demonstrating a strong affinity with small blood vessels in the skin readily absorbs it. It is also believed to help maintain the connective tissue and to counteract decreased functioning of the sebaceous glands, which occurs, this is found to increase linearly with age. This is a sensational product.


Key Ingredients



Buxus Chinensis - has been shown to work well with acne prone skin. When applied to the skin, Jojoba oil balances sebum levels and also possesses anti-bacterial properties that prevent breakouts. Its ability to prevent moisture loss makes Jojoba oil ideal for use on dry skin, eczema and other problematic skin conditions.


Vitamin E

Triticum vulgare - it has the highest content of vitamin E of any of the natural oils. Triticum vulgare has been extensively used in traditional medicine thanks to its properties of accelerating tissue repair and potential anti-inflammatory properties.

Coconut Oil

Cetearyl Alcohol - Extracted from coconut oil it helps the moisturizer lock the moisture in the skin and form a protective barrier through which water cannot penetrate, preventing dry and parched skin.


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Auriol B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Boosting Repair Moisturiser really lives up to it's name!

This product leaves your skin silky smooth and is great to prepare your face for your makeup!

Bett F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Reliable, pure natural products - never disappoint!

Bought small, just to ‘try’ product buy was delighted with this beautiful product. Moor Spa never disappoints. My skin was soothed and felt amazing!

Marjorie C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Miracle Moisturiser

This is a phenomenal product. I use it every day as I have very sensitive skin and this moisturiser keeps my skin in wonderful condition. I am 77 but still receive compliments about my skin thanks got this product

Barbara S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Repair moisturiser

Good consistency, not sticky or greasy. Very pleased with it

Lilian H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

booster moisturiser

so refreshing so handy to carry around to use in the day as you need țo great