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Earth Essence with Collagen Capsules


Earth Essence with Collagen Capsules

  • What on Earth are Earth Essence with collagen capsules?

The Earth Essence with Collagen capsules are a joint Health Supplement from Moor Spa which since its launch has sold well over a million capsules, it contains both freeze dried Herbal Healing Moor and Collagen it boasts a huge array of benefits including, *a feeling of well-being, improved energy, it helps spots to disappear and gives your skin a wonderful radiant bright look and it even acts as an eye whitener leaving your eyes as clear as a toddlers.

  • What is Herbal Moor Mud?

Herbal Moor Mud has been used for centuries from the ancient Egyptians to the Romans and more recently celebrities, and has even been used by hospitals as a treatment for burns and muscular pain.

We source our Moor Mud from certified healing moors found in Austria, Hungry and Germany, the Herbal Healing Moors have been around for over 20,000 years and in all this time they have never dried out due to their location, over these 20,000 years the waters and mud have been infused with a fantastic array of flora and fauna such as Rose, Witch Hazel, Yarrow, Camomile and Comfrey, these plants have wonderful healing qualities in their own right but when mixed together hundreds of other plants infusing with both the Moor Water and Moor Mud they produce an even more potent healing effect.

  • What is Collagen?

Simply put Collagen is the glue of our body. It holds us together, without it we would literally fall apart. Collagen is present in nearly every part of our body from our bones, muscles and skin. Collagen helps to keep our skin, bones and muscles strong, flexible and resilient, but as we get older we produce less Collagen we begin to see fine lines, skin loses its youthful elasticity, our nails become softer & more brittle, our hair begins to go grey, the follicles become weaker, hair gets thinner and breaks easily, it is always wise to keep your Collagen levels topped up and with the added benefit of the freeze dried Herbal Moor what could be a better joint Health Supplement than the Earth Essence with collagen capsules.

But don’t take our word for it why not read the excellent reviews it has received from our customers and even reviews from the Times and Daily Telegraph.

Earth Essence with collagen capsules Times review

Earth Essence with collagen capsules Daily Telegraph review

Earth Essence with Collagen Capsules

Earth Essence with Collagen Capsules

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Barbara S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Earth Essence

My husband has taken these for years after a serious illness and wouldn’t be without them.

Heidi C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Moor Spa Earth Essence

I have used this supplement for 15 + years and would not be without them. If I forget to take them I notice a drop in my energy levels within a day or so. Within a day of being back on them I am supercharged again !

Auriol B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Taking Earth Essence with Collagen caps. daily.

I have now been taking them for about 18 years or more and I simply would'nt be without. I am nearly 84 and they keep me in pretty good health - givng energy and general good health. I have'nt even had a cold for 2 or 3 years. Hair, nails and general skin condition, also benefit. An excellent product - would heartedly recommend them.

Christine F.
Canada Canada
For general wellbeing

I have used this product for 10 years and in my opinion it helps to keep you healthy. I am over 70 and moved to Canada 11 years ago and in that time I have not had medical treatment. I will not be without Moor Spa products while I can get them.

R O.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Earth essence capsules

They are fantastic for keeping me regular. I take on pill every night.