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Oily Skin Pack


Oily Skin Pack

Suitable for people with oily skin, this pack contains:

- Stabilising Cleanser 50 ml bottle

Moor Spa Stabilising Cleanser is a Moor water based cleansing gel containing aloe vera and witch hazel and is naturally antiseptic and soothing.

- Stimulating Toning Lotion 50 ml bottle

Moor Spa Stimulating Toner contains herbal Moor water, lavender and bergamot oil, which work together to enhance skin tone and texture.

- Mattifying Moisturiser 15 ml pot

Moor Spa Mattifying Moisturiser is a light and cooling moisturiser that contains herbal Moor Water combined with soothing and calming witch hazel, aloe vera and fruit extracts to assist an oily skin.

- Refining Facial Mask 50 ml pot

100% natural! Moor Spa Refining Facial Mask contains purely the natural herbal Moor and Moor Water from the peloid moors of European Moorlands. Leaves the skin feeling clean and hydrated.

Oily Skin Pack

Oily Skin Pack