Sisal Bristle Back Brush

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The best-selling, traditional style long handled brush favoured by professional therapists for lymphatic drainage treatments. This brush allows easy reach to the back and feet without excessive bending and features a detachable head with woven hand strap for a firm action.

Chosen by experienced dry body brushers and professional lymphatic drainage therapists, Mexican sisal is the perfect vegetable fibre fill for dry body brushes. The fibres are firm, natural and improve with wear. Although sisal is grown in many countries around the word,we specify the best Mexican cactus fibre for this salon-quality brush, for its low-flex, thicker fibres which 'round-off' with use and improve with age. Handles are all varnished for increased mildew resistance in steam rooms and saunas.

Dry body brushing exfoliates dead cells, helps to increase blood flow to the skin and encourages lymphatic drainage. This helps release toxins near the surface of the skin into the lymphatic system to be eliminated via the digestive ststem rather than out through the skin where they can create blemishes. Great for reducing cellulite or acne, improves the immune system and keeps skin looking younger.

Start gently, skin soon toughens up and it won't feel quite so strange. Starting at the feet, use long sweeping motions towards the heart. Best on dry skin before showering.

Overall length: 41cm
Head: 7cm x 13cm
Bristle length: 2.5cm
Packaging: swing tag